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Wines under the Altugnac labels

Our Wines

Les Turitelles


Turitelles are marine fossils that abound in our plots, on the slopes of the Upper Aude Valley. The significant variations in temperature between night and day, combined with clay-limestone soils, promote slow and complete maturation and give rise to a range of aromatic and fresh wines. Les Turitelles d´Altugnac are accessible wines to share!

Les Terroirs


Our vines are cultivated between 350 and 500m. They benefit from a Mediterranean climate with mountainous influences. These high-altitude terroirs give the wines their unique character and their inimitable style imbued with elegance.

Nos cuvées


Nos vignes sont cerclées par les montagnes, les Landes sauvages ou la forêt. Une nature préservée et majestueuse. A la manière Bourguignonne, nous sélectionnons des parcelles emblématiques, nos plus vieilles vignes, les terroirs les plus prestigieux de la Haute Vallée de l'Aude.